Our Services


Gold Service

This is the full works! We will go through the spa with a fine tooth comb to ensure the spa is returned to as close to new as possible.  
We start by flushing the spa using bio-film eliminator and shock, this removes dirt and grime from pipework. Once spa is flushed we will drain spa and give it a thorough clean including all jets, diverters, cabinet and interior access panel area.
We will also remove and clean/replace* filter and debris baskets and re-fit.
All pump seals and gaskets will be inspected and replaced if required.
Cover will be inspected, cleaned and re-treated using a waterproof restorer.
Any repairs or leaks that are found will be reported back to you and a price agreed before any remedial work is carried out.
Spa filled & re-sanitised using chlorine/Bromine and chemical balances checked and adjusted if required.


* All filters chargeable and subject to availability
Your spa will be one of the more expensive purchases you will ever make and of course just like a car you will need to have regular services to ensure it stays in tip, top condition and of course, SAFE.
We recommend having a full service annually with regular water changes every three months (quarterly)
Clearwater spas have a range of services that are tailored to your own needs and budget.
All services include bio-film eliminator (flush) and sanitation chemicals.

Silver service

The silver service is ideal if your spa is used regularly and for after those party nights! We will come and drain down your spa after first running a biofilm spa flush through. We will then give the spa a good clean and remove and wash filters, we will also remove  and clean all jets and diverters.
Your spa will then be re-filled and re-balanced.